Dementia Care 
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All our staff undertake extensive dementia care training. Everyone is fully equipped with the particular skills required to ensure the utmost safety and care of our residents. 
We understand that when someone is living with the challenges of dementia their immediate surroundings and their tailored care packages can make all the difference to their quality of life, and we strive to create the ultimate ambiance in every aspect of the service we deliver. 
By working with a Dementia Advisor, who lives with vascular dementia, along with research from the University of Stirling, we can facilitate the perfect environment for someone going through the motions of the disease, from the early stages to the latter. As members of the local Dementia Action Alliance group; together we help to make our communities more dementia friendly.
Our Service
With the number of people in the UK suffering with dementia set to double in the next 30 years, the need for high quality, future-proof facilities is growing. We provide reassuring, comforting and caring environments where individual medical and specialist dementia needs are catered for by a skilled, well-led team of compassionate individuals.
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